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Integrating Taramala with your Studio Website


The Taramala Schedule Component is available at the following URL: https://<studio-domain> This URL can be linked to the studio's actual website to give students on line access the following:

  • create their own password protected account,
  • signin for a class and check what classes they are signed up for,
  • pay for punchcards and check how many classes they have paid for through punch cards
  • use a waitlist if a class is filled to max capacity.

How to add Taramala's Schedule Component to my website?

Taramala will integrate with any website designer like Wix, Wordpress, Webflow that supports and component the takes HTML code. If you already have a website you can add to your website using the HTML code that can be copy and pasted from the setup/website page.

Taramala widget setup

Component Options

This same setup page also allows you to setup the colors in these widgets to match your website exactly.

Webmaster Tips & Best Practices

One thing to understand about the schedule widget is that it is designed to grow and shrink on your studio web page. For this reason, it should be placed in an HTML element or DIV that is set to 100% height rather than giving it a fixed height. Here are two tips:

  • Make sure that the javascript in the markup is used as well (that's the first line in the HTML markup shown in the picture below),
  • Make sure the width and height of the website DIV that contains the schedule widget markup is set to 100% width and height.

Webmasters note that even though the height of the IFRAME is set to 500px below, when the IFRAME is live in a website, it's height will be updated dynamically as the size of the schedule widget changes (for example, larger to show a weeks worth of classes and smaller to show available payment options).


Smart Phone Use of Schedule Component

The Schedule Component has been designed expecting that most students will access it using their cell phone and is designed to allow students to create an account, signup for classes and make purchases directly from their phone.

One tip to support this is to setup up your web page for Taramala to be "full width" with no gutters or margins. Here are links for different web design applications.