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Classes & Events Tab

The Attendance tab allows you to view and edit classes in the future or in the past.

How do I add and remove students from a class?

You can edit classes that have already happened or are scheduled for the future in the 'Classes & Events' tab. When this tab is loaded it will navigate to today's classes and you can scroll upward to see classes in the past or scroll down to see classes in the future. To edit a class, select and an edit dialog will show on the right.


To add a student click on the 'Add Attendee' link. To remove a student from a class, click in the '-' button to the right of the student's name in the class roster.

You can use the edit tab to and and remove attendees as well as change how a student is paying for a class.

On the day of the class, you can use the 'Signin' tab shown below. Generally the signin tab is used at the time a class is running or just before and the 'Classes & Events' tab is used to update classes in the past or the future.

Signin Students

When a student is unregistered from a class either manually or if a student unregisters in the student schedule, Taramala keeps track of that as well and a teacher can see which students registered and then cancelled later.


How do I cancel a class?

If there are students registered for the class, it will show in the Attendance list. Select the class so that is displays in the edit side bar and select the Cancel button from the toolbar up top.

The cancel button is the x button to the left of the trashcan in the picture below.

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If there are no students registered, the class may have not been created yet (see 'Why doesn't my class show?' above). You can create the class however by selecting the '+' or 'Add Class' button. The dialog allows you to find the class and will create the class if it already does not exist. Once the class is created, you can select it in the Attendance grid so that is displays in the edit side bar and select the Cancel button from the toolbar up top to cancel it.

When a class is cancelled, any students registered are sent an email letting them know that the class has been cancelled. The class will still show in the student's schedule but it will be noted as canceled with no way to signup for the class.

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When Should I Delete a Class?

Sometimes you simply don't want the class to show up in the schedule. If you cancel a class, it will still show up in the schedule as being "cancelled". If you delete the class it won't show in the schedule at all.


How Do I Enter a Substitute Teacher?

Sometimes you may want to change the teacher for just one or a few classes. As shown in the picture below, the teacher can be changed in the edit console on a class instance basis. This edit will just be for a single class session. Both classes in the future and in the past can be edited this way.

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Edit a Class Payment Type for a Student

In the attendance list for a class or for a student, there is a button the indicates what package type (i.e. dropin, punch card or subscription) was used to pay for a class. This can be changed by clicking that button. When you do that, available payment options for that student will show in a drop down. Select one to update the payment type.

Update Payment

Note that a subscription or punch card option will only show if the student has bought that card and there are available classes on that card.