Importing Students into Taramala

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If you have a lot of students that you'd like to enter for your studio, you can send a CSV (comma separated) file to your support person and the information can be imported into Taramala.

Working with Taramala support to import student records

The first step is to create a spreadsheet containing your student data. Most common spreadsheet packages are supported such as Numbers or Google Sheet or Excel. This may be a good time to clean the student roster a bit removing inactive student accounts since Taramala will load faster with a smaller student list and you'll have a smaller student list to update.

Then email this file to your support person at Taramala. Once this file is received it can be imported quickly and you'll receive emails keeping you updated in progress with lists of students that have been imported as it happens.

Import File Format

This file should have columns for the following data:

  • first name,
  • last name,
  • phone,
  • email address,
  • start date

Note that phone and start date are optional.

Here are the contents of a sample file:

Jayquan,Javers,(504) 388-5607,,2020-11-28
Holly,Grossenbacher,(504) 388-5607,,2020-11-28
April,Pilet,(504) 301-8794,,2020-11-20
Dominik,Cvitanovic,(504) 952-5866,,2020-11-14
Donna,Dicataldo,(860) 539-0682,,2020-11-14
Lauren,Hill,(985) 855-4300,,2020-11-12
Katharine,Brecheen,(415) 810-4914,,2020-11-08

For optional fields, just leave them empty. For example for a person with just an email address use this.


Is a Student Import Required?

Generally you only need to import the student records for students that have subscription plans and punch cards. For other students it's not required since students will add themselves as they create Taramala accounts to sign in for classes.