Setting up Classes

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Create and edit classes in Setup/Schedule.

Setting Class Start & End Dates

A start and end date can be setup for a class. This can be useful when setting up a short series of classes.


Maximum Class Size

This the maximum number of students for this class. This setting will limit the number of students that signup for a class online, a teacher can still add more students than this number from the class signin page.

Private Classes

When the 'Private' option is enabled on a class, it will not show on the student schedule. Students can still register and pay for a class if they are sent a direct link to the class. You can get a direct link to the class directly from the edit page as shown below.


Delete or Disable a Class?

There are two options for removing a class from the schedule. You can either delete the class or disable it in Setup/Schedule.

If you delete a class, all the attendance information for that class will be deleted as well. The analytics and class information that shows on the dashboard will not be effected however, just the class information that shows on the Attendance tab.

If you disable a class by unchecking the 'Active' check will keep the class and all it's attendance information. It will not be visible by default on any schedule. Disabling a class can be useful if you temporarily want to hide a class or if you want to keep attendance information for the class.

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