Shared Punchcards

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Shared Punchcards

When you enter a punch card in Taramala, you can add an additional owner of the punch card. This way two people can share a punch card. When either attends a class, the shared punch card will be used.

Setting up Shared Punchcards

To setup so that punchcard purchases are automatically shared, you can enable the "Shares punchcards" option in the student record. This way whenever you add one student as an owner of a punch card, the other linked student will be added as well. For example,

  • Edit 'Hollis Cornelissen'
  • Edit 'Shares punchcards with' and enter 'Ryan Cornelissen'
  • Click on the punch card icon in top left to enter a punch card


Both Hollis and Ryan Cornelissen are set as owners for the punch card. This is just the default, you can always remove one.

Note that when you set 'Shares punchcards with' for a student, this will only effect punch card purchases going forward. This does not effect existing punch card records.

Adding an Owner to an Existing Punch card

Some times you may need to add or remove an owner for a punch card. For example to add an owner to an existing punch card:

  • Go to the 'Students' tab and select the student that currently owns the punch card,
  • Scroll down to where the student's punch cards are shown and click to edit that punch card,
  • Select the 'Edit owners' link to add another student to the punch card.

Student schedule support for shared punchcards

When students are setup to share a punchcard in Taramala, any online punchcard purchases will also be shared.