Handling Cancellations

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All about Class Cancellations

Canceling Classes

To cancel a future class, go the the 'Classes & Events' tab and select the class that you would like to cancel and use the 'Cancel' button there.


What happens when I cancel a class in Taramala?

When a class is cancelled in Taramala, an email is sent out to all students that were registered for that class. The text of that email is customizable under the 'Settings/Email' tab.

Attendance will for that class will be removed. See below for how reimbursements are handled.

The student schedule will now show the class as being cancelled.


Canceling vs Deleting a Class

If you cancel a class it will show up in the schedule with a strike through the name indicating that it's been canceled. If you delete a class, it won't show in the schedule at all. Use delete when you want to remove the class from the schedule entirely.

Note that class cancellation emails are sent out when you DELETE a class as well. If you don't want the email to go out, first unregister the students from the class.

How are refunds handled

Refunds are handled differently depending on how the class was purchased.

  • Punchcards: the class is removed from the punch card,
  • Subscriptions: the class is removed from the subscription,
  • Dropin: a credit is given to the student in the form of a punch card for one class that is created for the student. The student is sent an email letting them know that they have this credit.
  • Event or Classes with Custom Pricing: Taramala does not handle these refunds. They can be handled in Square.

How to setup a cancellation window

To set how soon before a class a student can cancel a class through the student schedule. Go to Setup/Website and scroll to the bottom of those settings. You can set the cancellation window in minutes and this setting will apply to all classes on the schedule.

Set cancellation window