Custom Pricing

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Setting up Custom Pricing

For simplicity most classes will paid a standard drop in fee or students can use punch cards or subscriptions for payment. Still, especially for events, custom pricing is needed. Taramala supports custom pricing directly in the class or event edit page.

Custom pricing can be setup when editing classes and events in the setup tab. Custom pricing is always set for events, for classes simply select the class select 'Custom Pricing'.


Custom Pricing Options

Once custom pricing is enabled you have the following options:

  • setup a sliding price schedule,
  • setup a price to be listed as a donation,
  • options to allow students to use punch cards or subscriptions as an alternate form of payment.


Support for Donations

Students can be prompted for an optional donation when registering for a class as shown below. The donation can be a fixed amount or a sliding scale amount.

Register with a donation

Allowing Subscriptions and Punch cards as Payment

When punch cards are allowed for payment, the student will be given the option to either pay the custom price or pay using a punch card when registering for a class.


When subscriptions are allowed for payment, the student is essentially offered this class or event for free as a benefit for being a subscriber.