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Subscriptions are a powerful way to keep the studio going. Besides providing a regular sense of income, it also boosts class attendance and creates a thriving community.

Taramala supports a monthly subscription model allowing students to purchase or setup a subscription online. Once a subscription is setup, the student will be billed monthly via Square. This can be either through an emailed invoice or via use of a credit card stored on file is autopay is enabled for the studio Taramala account.

What information is stored in a subscription?

A subscription has the following properties:

  • start date/purchase date,
  • expiration date: the date when the subscription terminates.
  • cost

Taramala contains logic to ensure that there are no overlapping subscriptions for a student.

Autopay feature for Subscriptions

If autopay is supported for the studio's account, the student is required to enter credit card information and the student is billed at that time for the subscription and then again on a monthly basis. If autopay is not supported, an invoice is sent to the student and the student pays the invoice separately.

Autopay: what if a student credit card expires?

If a credit card used for autopay is canceled or expired, two things will happen.

  • An email invoice will be sent to the student and when the student makes a payment they will have the option to auto-pay.
  • If the payment becomes late a notice will show on the student website letting them know that payment is late along with a link that they can use to make a payment. When they use this link the credit card used to make a payment will be set up with autopay.


Can a student register for classes if an invoice payment is late

If a student is late is paying for a subscription, she will still be able to sign up for classes though she will see the following reminder in the studio schedule widget.


How can I check subscription status in Taramala

Under the Purchase tab there is a panel where you can quickly review your studio's subscribers and see most recent payments, how long a subscription was active and whether the account is current.


How do I find my subscriptions in Square?

After logging in to Square, go to the look for the 'Subscriptions' module in the left side navigation pane. All subscriptions created by Taramala are visible there.

How do I enter Square Subscriptions manually?

Subscriptions are often purchased online by students, but you can also add a Square subscription in the Taramala app as shown below.

Add a Square subscription

In this scenario, you can manually add a Square subscription just like you enter punchcards.

How do I enter Manual Subscriptions?

This may be useful for students that you are migrating over to Taramala and the student already has an active subscription. In this case, you would like Taramala to only keep track of classes and not handle monthly invoicing.

In this scenario, you can manually enter subscriptions just like you enter punchcards.

When you enter a subscription, you have the option to setup Square on the subscription.


If you check the Square checkbox, a subscription for your student will be created in Square and an invoice emailed to the student. If autopay is enabled, the next time the student navigates to the student schedule, the student will be prompted to enter credit card information which will be used to pay for the subscription on a monthly basis.

If you are migrating subscriptions from another system, set the 'Bought On' date to be the date of the next invoice for the subscription as it is set in the system you are migrating from and then cancel the subscription in the old system.

How do I cancel Subscriptions?

While it's possible to cancel subscriptions in Square, it's best to do this in Taramala since both Taramala and Square will be updated at the same time. To cancel a student's subscription go to the Student's tab and select the student, then scroll down in the edit console to where Subscriptions are and click to edit the active subscription. From there, select 'Cancel Subscription'.


Can Students Cancel Their Subscriptions?

There isn't a way for a student to cancel his or her subscription.  If there were, it would be too easy for a student to only create a subscription for months that they were attending lots of classes and then cancel when they were not.  By requiring them to contact the studio on cancellation, it makes it a bit harder to do that.

How Can I Pause a Subscription?

While Taramala does not currently support pausing subscriptions, this can be done in Square by locating the subscription in Square and then pausing it.


Subscriber Benefits

With Taramala's custom pricing for classes and events, students can use their subscription to gain access to otherwise paid events. This is clearly shown in the student schedule as show below.