Teacher and Owner Accounts

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In the Taramala application, a simple security model is use to protect data.

Owner Account

When your Taramala account if first created a user account with 'Owner' permissions is created automatically based on information in the Setup/Account settings page.

Teacher Accounts

As you add other teachers, user accounts are automatically created for each teacher and teachers can use their email to login to Taramala using their teacher account.

Teacher accounts are not authorized to perform the following:

  • View the Attendance and Income dashboard on the Taramala home page.
  • They can view but not change most settings in the Setup page.

Sending Teachers Taramala Login Instructions

Taramala can send new teacher instructions for finding and logging into Taramala. To do this:

  • go to Setup/Teachers (or use this URL https://<your-studio-domain>.taramala.com/setup/teachers),
  • click on a teacher's record,
  • on the right you'll see a link that says 'Send Invite'.

When you click on the link, an email will be sent to the teacher's email with the instructions they need to complete setting up their account.

Send teacher login instructions

Shared Accounts

Shared accounts can be used at your studio. You can use a shared account rather than requiring each teacher to login separately or using the owner account.


Teacher Login / Passwords

As teachers are added, their user accounts are set up without a password. To setup a password for Taramala, the first time they login, they should select 'Forgot password' in the bottom of the login page.


Teacher/Owner vs Student Accounts

Teacher and Studio Website Student Accounts are managed separately. This means that if a teacher wants to signup for classes, she should create another student account through the studio website.