Migration Strategies

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Migrating student data to Taramala

If you have existing punchcard students, you should add them now along with their punchcard information.

Other than that, if a student doesn't have an active punch card you don't need to add them since student accounts are created as students create their accounts in Taramala.

Student additions are quick and can be done directly from the Class Signin Tab the first time a student signs into class. You can also send us a comma separated file of students to be imported.

Depending on whether you are switching from another yoga studio application or simply switching from a manual index card based punch card system you can follow different strategies.

Starting from scratch

If you are opening a new studio or just starting to use payment packages such as punchcards or subscriptions, you don't need to add students since student accounts will be created as students sign up for classses.

Starting from a manual punch card system

If you are using something like index cards to keep track of student punchcards, you can make a pass through the punchcards and for each punch card

  • Add the student
  • Select the student in the student grid to edit
  • Select the punch card button to add a punchcard for the student (the button looks like a credit card).

Create a punchcard

  • Select 'Edit Details' to set the number of classes in the punch card to be equal to how many classes they have paid for and update the expiration date.

Update punchcard details

Starting from another yoga studio application

  • Export punch card information from the yoga studio application
  • For each punch card, add a punch card to Taramala for the student setting the number of classes in the punch card to be equal to how many classes they have paid for as described here.
  • For each subscription, create a corresponding subscription in Taramala. Set the start date of the subscription to be the next billing date for the existing subscription. Cancel the subscription in the system being migrated from so your students are not billed twice.

How do students see punchcards transferred in the migration process?

When students create a new online student account in Taramala, they will be able to see and use any punchcards that have been created in this migration process. One thing to note is that the student must use the same email that was used to migrate the punchcard.

To put this differently, when the student creates an account in Taramala, the system will look for an existing account with a matching email. If found, Taramala will use that account for the student and if a punchcard is associated with that account, it will be available for use immediately.